Candles. We LOVE them here at

Grace and James.  






There’s something magical about the ritual of striking the match and setting the flame a dancing. Even better is the sweet aroma that follows – where carefully selected tones teasingly evoke memories or calmly woo you into a state of bliss.

Our candles are hand poured in Melbourne, Australia – yay for locally made! Oh boy, you should see our Chandler (nope – not Chandler from Friends - It’s the technical name for candle maker!)working his magic.

At Grace and James, we care what you’re burning. We know you do too, so we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure we use all natural essential oils partnered with soy and coconut oil blended wax. Featuring a double cotton wick for optimal burning, our signature size lasts for over 80 hours, bringing you seemingly endless hours of fragrant goodness. 






getting the best from your

grace and james candle




We know, you read it ALL the time, but trimming the wick prior to each burn is a MUST. This removes any build up and ensures a consistent burn and mesmerising flicker.

Burn for a period of time so the full surface of candle has melted, this is when the scent will be at its best. And that’s what you bought this baby for right?!

To prevent fire hazards don’t burn the last 5ml of wax. Keep well away from hanging home furnishings, small children, fur babies and long hair. Trust us on this one.

Light your candle often and be carried away by all its fragrant goodness! 







Every Grace and James fragrance has been lovingly created, working closely with our expert perfumer.

Flavours are carefully balanced to complement each other, layer upon layer to perfect the

dream fragrance collection we know and love.