Grace and James LOVES Lune Crossainterie

If you haven’t yet been to Lune Crossainterie in Fitzroy – sorry, but you haven’t lived!!! This place. YUM.

Don’t go here if you’re on a diet / detox / paleo kick cause it will be all over. How can pastries turn out so perfectly layered in light, fluffy layers and yet have the exact amount of crunch necessary on the outside? Because the master baker's at Lune take up to 3 days to prepare these stunning pieces. My fave is to start with the Ham and Guyere Crossaint and finish with the Amaretti and Apricot Cruffin. Ahh. Cannot. Deal.  Go on a busy weekend morning and your complimentary coffee order will be taken while you wait patiently in line. Yep. Watch the baker's at work in their kitchen or take a stool while you devour the goodness of these works of art. Delicious.

LUNE_CARMENZAMMIT (13 of 37)_preview.jpeg
Grace and James