Introducing co-founder of Hunting For George, Lucy Glade-Wright

Hunting for George is an independent lifestyle brand brought to you by an eclectic bunch of Melbourne folk. Inspired by life and everything in-between.

The inspiration behind my design was... I love my scent ‘Moroccan Mango and Honey’. Instantly it made me think of seductive belly dancers dripping in jewels, dancing hypnotically somewhere in an indulgent Moroccan palace surrounded by nothing but patterns, colours and gold.

The design process involved... sketching the patterns first using a few different mediums. I used markers and pencil to create the geometric shapes and watercolour to create the soft, textured blocks of colour. I then photocopied found images of belly dancers and reworked these on the computer to create strong contrast. Then combined all these different elements together into a collage. Ta-dah!

My style is... loud, vivid and fun

People love candles and homewares because... they are pretty and we like to surround our selves with pretty things. At least I do.

I said yes to the Grace and James Artist Series collaboration because... it’s not every day that someone approaches you and asks you to create whatever you want. I really admired the freedom that Grace and James gave all the artists and I think that really shows in the final product when you see just how differently each artist has approached their scent.