Introducing Clair Wayman and Nick Young, the creative couple behind Curio & Curio.

Born out of their insane creative talent and interior styling experience, labels Two Ruffians and Curio & Curio were born. The bold and bright home wares range, known for their quirky patterns and characters are all hand screen printed by Nick and Clair in their Melbourne studio.

The Inspiration behind our design was… to create an eye catching design that visually evokes 'Spicy Pear'

We designed strong geometric pattern using a simple pear shape with a nod towards 1950's wallpaper. I chose warm oranges and pinks to conjure up a spicy feel. The grey background is the perfect foil for the bright colours, so they pop off the packaging. By flipping and mirroring the pear shape I've also created an inverted pattern which reminds me of Middle Eastern / Moroccan tile patterns or architecture.

The design process involved…. startingwith the basics, using a pencil and a piece of paper I drew the pear shape which we scanned in to the computer. From there it was a case of creating a pear pattern and introducing colours to create the spicy feel.

Our style is… colourful and patterned. I've worked as an interior stylist + decorator for many years but trained in textiles. Curio & Curio is perfect for me as I get to design textile prints for homewares. My style is quirky, fun and very bright! I'm always drawn to 1950's retro style homewares and furniture, which is reflected in everything I do. I love eye-catching, simple design, especially bold wallpaper. I've filled my home with lots of bright colour and strong pattern. I also have fun with fashion too and I'm never seen without some clashing colour + pattern. Colour can uplift you and change your mood.

Nick is a self taught designer, who has qutite a loose, illustrative style, but can turn his hand to most design briefs with ease. You can follow him and what we are up to on instaram at Two Ruffians.

People love candles and homewares because… as the world becomes more fast paced, people are seeing how important it is to create a sanctuary to retreat to. We're creating relaxing spaces that reflect our personalities because it makes us feel more whole + happy - we need somewhere where we can recharge our batteries. Also it's getting easier to create a unique space as there's more and more hand made, unique homewares popping up, made by young designers. I know I've started to realise the benefits of candles more and more as I get older. Candles help to create a nurturing home environment - beautiful scents are very healing and uplifting. The soft glow from candles can transform a space in to a relaxing retreat, away from the world. Spicy Pear is my new favourite scent - it just makes me happy!

We said yes to the Grace and James Artist Series collaboration because... we generally design for ourselves but we love collaborating with other brands as well. Just before Grace and James contacted me I'd spent a weeks holiday in Blairgowrie. I went to The 'Peninsula Hot Springs' most days and I spotted some pretty candles in their shop. It struck me that I would love to design candle packaging, so put it on my wish list to do at a later date. The I got home to this email - so it seemed like it was meant to be!